Wellness Offer

Artur Rygielski – licenced massager and physiotherapist, with 20 years of experience, including more than 8 years in SPA centres and several years of experience in healthcare. In addition, he has a La Stone (hot stones) therapy certificate.

Our offer includes:

Hot Stone Massage – La Stone Therapy

La Stone Therapy uses conventional massage techniques with hot stones. Holistic massage having an effect on the body and mind, is also called healing massage. In the procedure, heated basalt stones of various sizes and shapes are used. They hold their temperature for a very long time. It shows a physiotherapeutic effect, comprehensively supplementing therapy, restoring functionality to injured organs. This massage accelerates relaxation processes, improving the exercise capacity of the organism. It has a soothing effect on any kind of muscle pain and tension resulting from stress. It is mostly recommended in the autumn and winter season.

90 minutes / 220 PLN
50 minutes / 160 PLN

Classic massage

Classic massage consists in applying mechanical stimuli to the tissues of the organism which contributes to psycho-physical improvement. Depending on the requirements, classic massage can fulfil various roles: treat, relax or support weigh loss. It is performed completely or partially, constitutes the basis for other types of massages. As a standard, the following techniques are used: stroking, rubbing, pressing, clapping, final stroking.

50 minutes / 150 PLN
25 minutes / 100 PLN

Relaxation massage

A fantastic way to find relaxation and to get rid of negative vibrations. It liquidates muscle tension, recovers correct heartbeat, proper blood circulation and pressure, and it even helps to fight insomnia. The purpose is to obtain full relaxation and stress relief. Motions performed by the massager are calm, slow, rhythmic, smooth, and their task is to calm down the mind and body.

50 minutes / 150 PLN
25 minutes / 100 PLN

Cupping Massage

Cupping massage is excellent as an an anti-cellulite, firming and body modelling procedure. It is derived from conventional Chinese medicine and its undoubted advantages have been known for more than 3000 years.

One enormous advantage of this massage is obtaining satisfactory results within a relatively short time. Cupping massage is among the top most effective non-invasive procedures reducing cellulite and excessive adipose tissue and firming skin.

50 minutes / 150 PLN

Chocolate massage

Chocolate massage allows you to relax but also releases endorphins that is happiness hormones. It excellently smoothens and softens the skin. It is a wonderful massage for stress.

50 minutes / 150 PLN
25 minutes /  100 PLN

Honey massage 

During a massage using honey, the process of regenerating skin and subcutaneous tissues, including muscles, is started, it also leads to skin cleaning by excreting accumulated toxins and redundant minerals through the skin.

50 minutes / 150 PLN
25 minutes / 100 PLN

Deluxe massage

A real feast for body and mind. This 1.5 hour massage allows you to relax and get rid of stress. The massage recovers balance and internal harmony, relaxes muscles, improves blood supply.

90 minute / 220 PLN

Reflexology (palms and feet)

Massage of feet and palms which has a beneficial effect on the entire organism by stimulating receptors located in them. It supports the organism detoxication process, improves sleep quality, eliminates the feeling of foot heaviness, improves blood supply in the entire organism, influences digestive processes, operation of lymphatic glands, hormonal and nervous systems.

20 minutes / 80 PLN

Body peeling:

Peeling is used to remove dead cells of the epidermis and stimulate skin to produce new cells. Regular application of this procedure guarantees ideally clean skin cleansed of all contamination, more flexible, with better blood supply, smoother and radiating.

  • Using Dead Sea salt,
  • Honey

30 minutes – 120 PLN

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